Range, Target, & Flight Operations

Range Target Flight OpsKratos provides all technical and logistics support for the operations of ranges and targets pre-launch, launch, and post-flight.

Mission Integration and Launch Services
Our highly-qualified staff are experts in providing target operations and maintenance (O&M), launch and recovery, and support equipment maintenance and repair.

O&M Support
Kratos supports multiple concurrent local and deployed operations worldwide. Our specific expertise includes:

•  Mission Planning and Analysis
•  Flight Systems Analysis
•  Launch Operations, including requirements and procedures
   development, vehicle assembly, ordnance installation, and
   launcher and GSE maintenance
•  Flight Safety Analysis, including impact dispersions prediction
   and wind weighting analysis
•  Detailed mission planning, testing, launch, and operations of
   seaborne and airborne targets
•  Foreign military sales requirements
•  In-flight target control
•  Mobile anti-submarine warfare target, operational sites support
•  Ordnance handling
•  Support equipment maintenance and repair
•  Subscale fixed and rotary wing targets
•  Target refurbishment
•  Test plan development and data analysis
•  Weapon system test and evaluation
•  Web-based maintenance process tracking

Ballistic Target Development
Kratos provides low-cost targets and launch support services for a wide variety of MDA target missions and other research and technology programs. Kratos has been a leading team member providing ARAV-A, ARAV-B, ARAV-C and ARAV-TTOE low cost targets to the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) for testing of the US Navy sea-based Aegis ballistic missile defense system. Our capabilities include providing unguided targets for sea-based missile defense systems as well as guided targets for land-based systems, such as Aegis Ashore, THAAD and PAC-3 Our Oriole rocket system provides low-cost, reliable propulsion for target systems and for NASA’s research focused sounding rocket program. The recently developed guided Oriole rocket system significantly enhances performance and safety across a broad range of target and scientific applications.

Range Support
Kratos professionals analyze, coordinate, and schedule the physical resources and personnel required to ensure the smooth operation of ranges. Technical and meeting support and report evaluation are among the services offered. Our personnel provide program, data, operations, and missile flight safety analyses related to test range support of weapons systems, including air- and ground-launched targets, Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), and remotely piloted vehicles.  We also provide systems engineering support for the development and integration of test hardware required by the range to support mission/system simulations, facilitate countdown rehearsals, and perform system tests.

We prepare and review range schedules and incorporate elements required at Pacific sites in support of present and future Navy and joint service T&E and training programs.  We also offer all support services, such as development, evaluation, review, analysis, maintenance and the revision of Range Training documentation, including: Critical Measurements and Countermeasures Program (CMCP), Long Range Air Launch Target (LRALT), Short-Range Air-Launched Target (SRALT), OC Certification Records, OC Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) handbook, Flight Missions (FM) for Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) Mission, and other T&E missions.