Logistics & System Sustainment

Logistics System SustainmentKratos provides a full spectrum of critical sustainment, engineering, and systems analyses; integrated logistics support (ILS); fabrication; and manufacturing capability to support CONUS and OCONUS customers. These support efforts include the transition of new technology, reverse engineering, electronic circuitry and systems, materials, and components from the DoD and commercial sectors to solve obsolescence problems.

Operational Logistics Support
Kratos provides expeditionary logistics capabilities to help support our national military strategy. This may involve the organized and on-schedule movement of supplies, machinery, and personnel to ensure that combatant commanders have the required resources to support their mission. Our in-depth knowledge of logistics processes and technology addresses customer needs ranging from strategic planning to supply chain operational and tactical assistance.

Kratos is a leader in on-site technical and logistics support for weapon systems and subsystems. Our specialized expertise includes mission-critical functions in Tactical Missile Programs and Aviation and Test Programs. Our specialized functional support includes:

•  Field Engineering Support
•  Corrosion Prevention
•  Field maintenance and training assistance
•  Legacy systems logistics, refurbishment, and upgrade 
•  Obsolescence/reverse engineering
•  Overhaul and repair facilities
•  Rapid prototyping
•  Readiness Assistance Support
•  RESET Support
•  Weapon platform test and evaluation
•  Worldwide weapon systems lifecycle services, maintenance, and repair

HAZMAT & Environmental Services
Kratos offers a wide variety of services in support of Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) & Environmental Services to the Department of Defense (DoD), State, and Local Government. We provide Consolidated Hazardous Material Reutilization and Inventory Management (CHRIMP) in compliance with environmental regulations regarding the use and disposal of HAZMAT materials. We manage the use, storage, warehousing, and handling of hazardous materials using Information Technology/ Engineering Systems and techniques.

Our environmental services includes monitoring and reporting noise levels, air emissions, seismic disturbances, animals, plants and the water on ranges and military bases. Kratos supports environmental compliance by conducting hazardous material (HAZMAT) storage locker, hazardous waste satellite accumulation area, universal waste accumulation area, soil excavation, ordnance screening, unexploded ordnance support, and storm water pollution prevention inspections. Kratos reviews, monitors, and updates HAZMAT/hazardous waste compliance, Hazard Communication, Pollution Prevention, and the Environmental Management Systems. We also develop and update Computer Based Training packages for General Environmental Training, Hazard Communication, and Environmental Management System.

Weapon Systems Support
Kratos is an expert provider of Weapon Systems Solutions services. We have years of experience in logistics, engineering, and target operations support, as well as international programs, rocket program services, technology initiatives, and advanced weapon system research and engineering.

We have experience with sophisticated Weapons Systems, and we provide Engineering and Technical Support to such strategic customers as AMCOM, PEO STRI, PEO Aviation, SMDC/ARSTRAT, PEO Missiles and Space, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), WSMR, NUWC Keyport, USMC, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center. In addition, we provide Foreign Military Sales (FMS) to a number of international government clients. We develop program requirements, support implementation of acquisitions programs, and we work with Field Activities developing and testing new systems.

The systems we support include: Aegis, Oriole Rocket, ARAV-A B C, Avenger, HAWK, Chaparral, AIM-9, AN/TSQ-73, LSDIS, PSTAR, FISTV, TOW, Lasers, M3P machine gun, Night Vision systems, MLRS, OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, Cargo helicopter engines, C-47, UH-60, AH-64, AGSE, ATC, TRACKSTAR, AC-130H, HELLFIRE, THAAD, MEADS, ARROR, PAC-3, SLAMRAM, Apache, Longbow, Cobra, ATACMS, C-4, and F-15.

Solar Energy Support
Kratos provides consultation expertise in offering the latest solar cells manufacturing technology producers and production qualified consumables to produce low cost high efficiency solar cells. Kratos is an expert in providing integrated solutions for a complete design, layout and process flow plan of solar cell manufacturing facilities using the latest production equipments; or  tailoring a current production plant for the required automation level and production throughput to meet the customer requirements. Our expertise includes:

Consultation:  Kratos provides consulting engineering services  for solar cell production plant design, startup and installation for more efficient factories with increased  automation and solar cell efficiency. Kratos also offers integrated solutions for redesigning current operating production plants  to increase productivity and production factory  equipments uptime by adding  alternative production routes and choosing the most durable and reliable equipment and process through equipment failure analysis data for a more reliable solar cells production plant.
Automation:  Solar cell manufacturing process automation decreases the silicon material scrap that results from manual handling. Kratos provides the latest automation level in solar cells manufacturing technology and tailors the current operating production plants for enhanced automation and increased productivity.
Training:  Kratos provides offsite and onsite training in solar cell theory, quality control statistical processes, equipment overview/operation, manufacturing processes, and equipment maintenance/calibration.  All manufacturing, quality, test and associated support equipment come with applicable vendor operational, maintenance, training, and calibration manuals.
Production Consumables:  Kratos selects  the highest quality production materials including boron doped Mono and Multi-crystalline wafers with various thicknesses according to the customer requirements. Kratos also selects the highest quality chemicals , gases , pastes and production consumables used for producing high efficiency solar cells.