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Kratos Special Operations Training Services Group (KSOTS-G) develops and presents high risk incident management subject training and advice for the homeland security and counter terrorism professional, as well as specialized products directed toward security applications within business, education, and the private sector. In addition, Kratos also provides the public at large with a wide variety of specialized training programs, including firearms, marksmanship, and personal security/defense.

Kratos training programs are presented as a base product and designed specifically for the military, law enforcement, corrections special operations, and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) patrol professionals. Kratos courses are designed to mimic real life operational environments with live fire training to validate tactics, techniques, and procedures. Each customer is unique, and programs can be formulated or taught based on an organizations’ needs and levels of experience and skills. The Kratos Citizen Training Program curriculum is also unique and provides the same quality training in a variety of areas and disciplines.

Courses are normally conducted at the customer’s location by a mobile training team. This allows ready access by more personnel from the customer’s organization, while keeping travel costs down.

Kratos also conducts training at the Kratos Integrated Special Operations Training Facility near Altha, Florida.

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