Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC)


Executive Summary
In 2015, Kratos Defense and Rocket Support Services was awarded a task order under its U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command (USASMDC/ARSTRAT) Integrated Test and Analysis Contract (ITAC) Prime Contract with a value of $32 million.  The task was initially funded at $7.0 million to assist SMDC with High Energy Laser (HEL) System Engineering, Integration, and Test Support. Kratos will provide systems engineering; software support; training; new development enhancements; and perform operations and maintenance (O&M) to ensure optimal operation during demonstration and testing of the HEL systems. Interdisciplinary technologies, such as development of test methodologies and system engineering, are a major focus of this effort. A major effort under the ITAC Task Order is the support, maintenance, operation and testing of the High Energy Laser Mobile Test Truck (HEL MTT) (depicted above).

Situational Overview
The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command is advancing critical technologies that support the mission areas of space and missile defense.  Technology development for space and missile defense requires the integration of advanced and innovative technology efforts supporting diverse technology areas.  Accordingly, Kratos proposed to support the following technical areas:

• High Energy Laser Component Development
• High Energy Laser Systems Engineering
• High Energy Laser System Test Verification and Validation
• Critical Technologies for High Energy Laser Development
• High Energy Laser System Integration
• High Energy Laser Component Testing

The ITAC provides a contractual vehicle that supports a wide range of technologies of interest to SMDC.  Although Kratos provides much of the technical and managerial support as a prime contractor, subcontractors are providing support in the areas of advanced thermal management systems, sensor fabrication, and the development of a components for the next generation HEL platforms.

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Unique Challenge
Supporting SMDC across a broad spectrum of technologies requires the coordination of a group of highly talented and dedicated engineers and scientists.  The support is being provided by several contractors that have teamed with USASMDC to provide the width of experience needed to support a high energy laser system development. The contractors involved have a broad background encompassing high energy lasers, computational methods, sensors and sensor data processing, system test and data collection (above), command and control, thermal management, power management, electronic systems and prototyping, and computational modeling.

Kratos Solution
Many of the technologies developed under the ITAC have been leveraged to support a diverse set of customers in addition to SMDC.  These customers include:
• Missile Defense Agency
• Army Fires Center of Excellence, Capability Development & Integration Cell
• Army Program Executive Office Missiles & Space
• Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center (AMRDEC)

Empowering Benefits
The SMDC ITAC has supported the development of a diverse set of technologies of benefit not only to SMDC, but to DoD and other government agencies as well.  These technologies have formed a basis for past performance within Kratos that has resulted in efforts with a wide range of government customers.

Kratos has demonstrated a strong past performance in key HEL technology areas along with vehicle integration, system test verification and validation that are critical to SMDC next generation HEL mobile platforms.  Kratos was a key player in the HEL MTT and HEL programs that proved an advanced HEL system could successfully be designed, developed, and tested by a small, multidiscipline team for far less than the cost of development under a conventional prime contractor.


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